Why your social media marketing is garbage

Written by Izzy Kiver on Oct. 17th 2015
Trying to get clients with various technology and paid advertising before establishing a proof of concept is like opening up pandoras box.... Without a proof of concept you will get lost and forget why you came there to begin with.

Common misconceptions involving marketing success include: 

Facebook ads make you successful.......Wrong.
Fancy blogs, designs and brochures make you successful.........Wrong.
Social media presence and followers make you successful........Wrong
Cool technology and software make you successful…....Wrong

Tools, technology and appearance make you LOOK successful. However, it doesn’t MAKE you successful or wealthy.

The only thing that makes you successful is providing solutions that satisfy the demands of your market properly and getting paid in return for it. 

In summary: Solving people’s problems and getting paid for it makes you successful. 

There really is only one thing that is important for every business to succeed and survive and that is having a steady flow of high-value customers consistently paying you for your solutions. And the best way to get those first customers into your business is through Organic Marketing Attraction. 

What Organic Marketing does is send a laser-like precision into your market and pulls out the most eager customers ready to buy your products and services. At any given point 3% of your market is ready to buy. The goal is to create a platform where you can capture these customers and satisfy their desires. Having a solution is not enough, without the knowledge of creating a message that speaks to your market and makes them take more interest in your particular solution to satisfy their desires you won't have a succesful business. 

Organic marketing attraction is a proven system that generates results and sends vetted and thirsty customers straight to your inbox and beating down your doors for a consultation.

The most commonly used tactics in organic marketing include:

Organic Facebook Posting (using jab, jab, jab, right-hook)
Direct Outreach (through email and messenger)
Lumpy Mail (most powerful to get past gatekeepers)
Lead Lists (Sending your mailing list to a live webinar presentation)
Strategic Partnerships (Both expanding another businesses range of services and offering a promotion to a business which caters to your market as a method of attracting their clients to you [up-selling and cross-selling].

Most of the people who have begun using organic marketing found themselves with so many clients that they didn’t have the capacity to take on any more clients. Here's a video of someone that used Organic Marketing and had to stop because of the overload of new clients she brought on:


Although Paid Facebook advertising is excellent for GROWING your business to massive scale. Just like a furnace, you can’t apply gas to it without having a pilot light burning first. Without an established proof of concept. Without a pilot light, it will just end going to waste. 

Izzy Kiver

Izzy Kiver is an expert in getting businesses their first 3 high-value clients, establishing a strong foundation on which to build on and scaling them for massive growth. He has built and scaled businesses coast to coast and is ready to make your business a screaming success. For a completely free advisory session on how to get high-value customers for your business schedule here FREE ADVISORY SESSION
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